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10 Timeless Principles for Everlasting Love

1. Couple dancing
1. Couple dancing

What is love? Many people think love is a strong emotion. Yes, but real love is much stronger than that. At Mount Sinai, the LORD revealed His great love for the descendants of Abraham by entering a Covenant with them. It was in effect a marriage love covenant. They were to be His people and He was to be their God.

The Ten Commandments are ten principles that preserve life and enhance love in every relationship.

1. Exclusive

Imagine being married to a person who keeps making other people more important than you. Can love be cultivated within such a relationship?

The LORD was the one who chose and saved His people from bondage in Egypt and provided for them in the desert. As a Husband, He promises to be faithful to them and expects them to have no other gods before Him.

Have no other gods before me.

2. Real

Imagine being married to a person who didn’t listen and made up their own narrative of who you were.

Υahweh is a living person who wants to be known for who He is, for what He has done and for what He has promised to do. He tells His people to listen to Him not lifeless idols.

To have a Covenant relationship with God people are to seek first to hear and obey His voice as a priority above all other images, thoughts, and opinions. People are to discard images and statues of former lovers (gods).

Do not make an idol.

3. Identity

A wholesome consistent identity is an essential foundation for self-confidence and healthy relationships. As a Husband, the LORD gives His Name, character, and reputation to His people. The name we are given becomes our identity.

Those who know and love God will reflect His character and Name without shame. Those who abuse, the LORD’s Name by behaving and talking in ways that dishonoured Him, and their union with Him, will end up very lost souls.

Do not misuse the name of the LORD.

4. Quality Time

As a Husband, the LORD wanted time with his people. He has dedicated special times and seasons for people to rest from work to enjoy His company, the company of others, and listen to His Word. He set aside one day in seven as holy for rest, rejuvenation, fellowship, and enjoyment.

Keep the Sabbath holy.

5. Family

The fruit and continuity of a healthy marriage are healthy children. The importance of the family and how to raise healthy children is at the heart of God’s purposes. Children feel secure when respect for their parents is non-negotiable. They thrive when they are secure in their identity and purpose and know how to relate respectfully to those in authority. These elementary attitudes and skills enable children to go from strength to strength in relationships, careers and life.

Respect is naturally reinforced as children watch the way their parents talk about and treat their parents. Respecting grandparents teaches children to look after the elderly, extending quality and length of life into old age. Those who do not respect their own parents should not expect their children to respect them.

Honour your Father and Mother.

6. Protection

How would you respond if someone threatened the life of your wife or children?

As a husband, the LORD protects the life of His people. He has made men and women in his image. As such every man and woman has intrinsic value to God. Every human life is precious and needs to be honoured, protected, and nurtured, especially the weak and vulnerable who cannot protect themselves.

It is particularly important to protect human life when in its most vulnerable state, such as when in the womb, sick, mentally distressed, suicidal or elderly. People in such conditions need extra protection, love and respect.

Do not murder.

7. Faithfulness

Imagine your partner commits adultery with another person. How do you feel? Can you imagine anything worse than such a betrayal of love, commitment, and intimacy? Is it possible to love and trust again?

What happens to the children? Are they able to respect their parents? Have they observed and learnt the skill to negotiate conflict and work towards effective reconciliation? Do they have the character and confidence to form long-term relationships of love, commitment, and cooperation?

Do not commit adultery.

8. Property

What would you do if someone was stealing money from you and your children?

As husband and Father the LORD shares all his material resources with his people. He also makes laws to protect people’s property.

People need material assets to exist and thrive. People, especially widows, orphans, foreigners, and the infirm need their property to be protected from the devious and the strong who might wish to take their material assets for their own advantage.

Do not steal.

9. Justice

Clear honest communication is foundational to healthy relationships and community. What does it feel like to have a partner or close friend lie to you? What might it feel like to have someone gossip or tell half-truths about you publicly before others in a way that harms your identity, reputation, and relationships in the community?

Do not give false testimony against your neighbour.

10. Gratitude

What is it like to live with someone who constantly wants the relationships, possessions, and lifestyle of other people? What does it feel like to be such a person?

Now imagine living with a partner who was always thankful for you and for all they had in life. A person who loved their parents, home, children, relatives, and community for who they were, however humble or flawed.  

Don’t waste your life wanting to be someone else. Be grateful for everything the LORD has given you.

Do not covert.

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