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Internet – Dahab, Egypt Internet Service Providers, and SIM Cards


Hotels and Airbnb accommodation usually provide internet. This article is to help people who are planning to stay longer get connected on the internet with minimum hassle.  

Home Landline Internet

This is usually stable and reliable, with decent speeds. (At the time of writing, the download speed was 28.48mbps and upload speed 4.51mbps). The only provider in Dahab is WE Telecom. There are different packages available, usually 250GB is more than enough for constant use each month. To check your package, you can call the customer service number on 01555000111 and use the English service. You need to know the landline number to do this. 

You will need to pay the internet bill monthly, and a landline bill every 3 months. This can be done at the supermarket. Tell them you want to pay the landline internet bill ‘net urdy’ and give them the number and they will tell you how much you need to pay and give you a receipt. You pay a few pounds extra to the supermarket for the service. If you need to change the package or renew it early, then you need to do this in the supermarket, although unfortunately they are not always very good at understanding this and if possible take an Arabic speaker with you. Otherwise, you will need to call the company and have the full 4 names of the line owner in order to make any changes. Any issues with the service and you can call the customer service number and get ‘technical support’. They will send someone to fix it within 24 hours. 

Home 4G

Home 4G devices are available from three of the main mobile providers in Dahab (Orange, Etisalat and Vodafone). It’s wise to check which companies have good signal in the area you are in before buying one. These use a specific router with a special SIM card in it. Once set up, the location of the router should not change from area to area. The router is quite pricey, but the internet is cheaper than using an ordinary SIM, although still significantly more expensive than the landline. These can be recharged in the supermarket like a normal SIM card line.

Local SIM Card

Purchase a SIM card from one of the local shops in Dahab – WE, Etisalat, Orange or Vodafone. WE is generally recommended for good prices and reliable signal, especially if you plan to take trips to Abu Galoum or Blue Lagoon. Only buy these SIM cards from official shops. Take your passport and a valid visa. If your visa expires or you renew your visa you will need to go back to the shop to show this, or the SIM card will stop working. Do not accept a SIM card in someone else’s name, or you could find your credit disappearing after you recharge. The only exception is if you ask a trusted Egyptian friend to buy a SIM card with their ID for you.

Prices for packages across all networks exclude tax, which is 30% so if your package is 110 EGP, in reality it costs just under 160 EGP. 


You can also purchase small devices called a MiFi that use the ordinary SIM cards to create a small wifi network, which can easily connect to multiple devices. This can be a good option if you are working from home and are not staying long enough for it to be worth buying a Home 4G device. The MiFi devices available here are locked to the network that you buy them from.  

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