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Does God Still Speak from Mount Sinai?

I first journeyed to the Sinai and climbed Jebel Musa, the traditional site for Mount Sinai, with my wife and our four lads when they were quite small. The comradeship with those who climbed, and the spectacular sunrise and views did not disappoint us. 

Yet deep in my heart, I felt a profound grief that so many of the tourists with us had very little understanding of the amazing story that had taken place around Mount Sinai.

The story of how Moses had brought a bunch of slaves to Mount Sinai to worship the God of compassion, truth, and justice. The God who promised to lead not only them, but all the nations of the world, that would trust and obey Him into freedom from tyranny, oppression and idols.

How do you want to celebrate your 50th Birthday?

Decades later my wife asked me how I wanted to celebrate my fiftieth birthday. Without thinking I replied ‘’praying on top of Mount Sinai.’’

The month of my 50th birthday out of the blue I was offered α free ticket to Sharm El Sheik. A group was going there to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary and the best man had to pull out at the last minute. I was given his ticket, flew with the group and then left them for Saint Catherine’s.

At the checkpoint before the monastery, I was informed by a barrel-chested policeman that the Monastery and mountain were currently closed to tourists. I explained that I was not a tourist but a pilgrim who had come to pray on the Mountain.

He was not impresed and insisted that he would be in trouble if anything happened to me. I explained that God was with me and would protect me. He was not convinced. Determined to continue my journey, I asked: 

“If I could beat you in an arm wrestle would you consider I was strong enough to look after myself on the mountain?”

By this time, his colleagues had gathered around behind him and he eagerly accepted the challenge. The arm-wrestling match felt like it lasted forever. The moment I acknowledged in my heart that this man was stronger than me and was going to beat me, his arm began to give way! Or did he let me win?!

I spent three days and nights on the top of the mountain in early January. It was bitterly cold! Some cheerful Bedouin rented me a couple of blankets.

Encountering the Monks and the Bishop

As I passed the Monastery on my way down, I pushed a wooden door and it opened! I went in and found myself outside the chapel as the Monks were about to go in to celebrate communion together after a period of fasting. I asked if I could join them and was asked if I was Orthodox. “Totally orthodox in the belief” I replied. They very graciously allowed me to join them. I was deeply moved in my spirit when I was given the bread and drank the wine with them.

Afterwards, the Bishop, a wise elderly man with a long grey beard, invited me into his office. I felt he knew me and why I had come. “You cannot openly teach here” he said, referring to the delicate security situation in the region, “but you can write. And we will help you as we can.”

"You Can Write"

This website is a response to the admonition I received from that bishop years ago. It is also the outworking of a desire for tourists to receive more from Mount Sinai than simply wonderful sunsets.

My Prayer

I hope that the Sinai Journal will help people who are, or who are thinking of visiting South Sinai find their way about, have a good experience, stay healthy, and be able to relate to local people and the natural environment in a wholesome way.

My prayer is that as you immerse yourself in the natural environment and culture of South Sinai, you will also become aware of its rich spiritual heritage. Let the Exodus story and the Spirit of God renew your faith to receive the healing, blessing, and presence of God in your life. May you receive fresh vision and strength to be a blessing in our wonderful yet broken world. May the Word and Spirit of God teach you how to build strong, just, free, loving and fruitful relationships wherever he leads you. 

As you read about the Bedouin, the natural environment, accommodation, and other practical subjects, you will find articles on current spiritual, relational, and social justice issues and how the Sinai Covenant addresses them. 

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