The Sinai


Discovering the Spirituality and Culture of the Sinai.

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The Spirit of the

More than Wilderness

The Sinai contains some of the most important religious sites in the world. It is a place where people come to escape ‘the rat race’ to find rest, healing, and renewal. Give yourself time to connect with God and discover the vision and strength to recognize and fulfil your purpose on earth.

The Culture of the Sinai

Bedouin, Deserts, Mountains, Coral Coasts, and Starlit Skies

The Sinai is home to over a dozen Bedouin tribes living amidst spectacular natural beauty. How can visitors enjoy and enhance these ecosystems that have existed for millennia?

Travelling and Living within the Sinai

Accommodation, Adventures, & More

Practical information on how to travel, find accommodation, recreation activities, health care, and much more.


The Spirit of the Sinai

More than Wilderness

Monks, monasteries, and some of the most important religious sites in the world, there is far more to the Sinai than most realize. Read more about the footprints and stories of God found in the Sinai.

The Culture of the Sinai

Ancient Peoples & Beautiful Gardens

The Sinai is home to over 20 Bedouin tribes, endemic species of plants and animals, and beauty not found elsewhere in the world. Read more about the culture and history of the people and places of the Sinai.

Travelling to the Sinai

Cities, Adventures, & More

Planning a trip to the Sinai? Read more from our resources on safety tips, city guides, where to stay, and what to do!

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FREE Guide to Dahab

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Hotels, things to do, and places to see in and around Dahab. Sign up now and we’ll send you our FREE guide when it’s ready in a few weeks!

1. Couple dancing

10 Timeless Principles for Everlasting Love

What is love? Many people think love is a strong emotion. Yes, but real love is much stronger than that. At Mount Sinai, the LORD revealed His great love for the descendants of Abraham by entering a Covenant with them. It was in effect a marriage love covenant. They were to be His people and He was to be their God. The Ten Commandments are ten principles that preserve life and enhance love in every relationship.
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4 Social Events

Dahab has a wide range of social events. This article describes four venues where you can meet friendly people on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night.
Angel of Death

Passover from Death to Life

Since its inauguration in Egypt and Mount Sinai, the Passover has been celebrated for over 3,000 years. It tells of salvation from death and the new birth of a nation. People remember the Exodus to renew their faith that history is ultimately governed by One who will triumph over oppression and tyranny with justice and freedom. Jesus takes Passover to another level teaching that His sacrificial death on the cross is the eternal plan of God to save, liberate, and give eternal life to people from every nation on earth.


I first journeyed to the Sinai and climbed Jebel Mousa, the traditional site for Mount Sinai, with my wife and our four lads when they were quite small. The comradeship with those who climbed, and the spectacular sunrise and views did not disappoint us.

Yet in my heart I experienced a sadness that tourists with us may not have heard or understood the Covenant that was given by God from Mount Sinai to teach the nations how to live in harmony with his loving purposes and Spirit, free from corruption, tyranny and oppression.

So as you read about the Bedouin, the natural environment, places to stay, recreation activities and other practical things, you will come across articles on Sinai spirituality, social justice, the purpose of life, and principles for healthy relationships.

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