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When you travel to the Sinai you embark on a journey that has been taken for centuries

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Come to dive, or not...

Dahab, the ultimate diver’s destination and much much more. Read more about where to snorkel, stay, and explore in the South Sinai’s hidden gem.

St. Catherine's

Built in 400 AD

Home to Bedouin, monks, and some of Egypts most prestigious and protected sites, visiting Saint Catherine’s can be a life changing experience if you fully understand the place and its people.

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4 Social Events

Dahab has a wide range of social events. This article describes four venues where you can meet friendly people on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night.

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What Lives within the Gulf of Aqaba?

The Gulf of Aqaba is home to over 100 coral species, 800 fish species, mammals such as dolphins, whales and whale sharks and endangered species such as manta rays and scalloped hammerheads. The narrow gap at the Straits of Tiran produces strong currents which help to attract such abundant marine life.

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Dahab Geography – 14 Distinct Areas

Dahab is a charming tourist town, located on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula, 90km north of Sharm El Sheik. This oasis town nestles between the mountains on the west and the Red Sea’s Gulf of Aqaba to the east. On clear days Saudi Arabia can be seen in the east across the gulf. Dahab has at least 14 distinct areas, each with its unique characteristics.

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Dahab History and Culture

Dahab has changed from an isolated Bedouin oasis to an international hippy hang-out, to a trendy Egyptian tourist resort, yet it remains a unique place with a remarkably rich array of cultures within such a small town.

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How to Treat Foreigners

The story of the Exodus from Egypt through the Sinai teaches the principles of empathy, justice, protection and integration when relating with foreigners.

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